About “Metallica”

Founded in 2011, Metallica is currently holding a leading position as a manufacturer and supplier of warehouse handling equipment (mobile and stationary ramps, car ramps, loading and unloading facilities, etc.) and attachments for forklifts, telehandlers, rich-trucks and stacker trucks.

Our company is constantly advancing both technically and organizationally: the constructs of the offered products are periodically updated, the range is broadened, agreements are concluded with reliable suppliers only, and components are carefully selected. This way we can feel certain of our products and you of us!

Why our company is preferred

Regarding as our principles being honest with customers, fair with competitors and responsible for our obligations, we can ensure timely and quality execution of the most extraordinary and technically difficult orders.

Our Advantages

Working with us, you get:

  • free consultations and visits of specialists
  • organized deliveries across Russia and the CIS
  • urgent orders without increasing their cost
  • constant availability of both ramp ranges
  • availability of attachments having standard sizes
  • free loading into the customer’s vehicle
  • loyalty in all aspects of the delivery process
Availability of ready-made racks
The company's production facilities allow maintaining constant availability of loading ramps ready for shipment. Every day there are ramps of up to 10 different models in a warehouse.

The shortest terms of manufacture

Thanks to the possibilities of production and established production line, the production time for individual and custom orders is minimal

Practical budget saving

Loading ramps will allow you to save money with a minimum number of people involved and reduced time of loading and unloading operations

Certified products

All products are certified for compliance with ISO; we have also certified the quality management, occupational health and environmental safety systems

Cooperation with the Metallica Company is a rock-solid guarantee of your success!