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Fast delivery due to the permanent equipment availability and shortest production time for individual orders.



Metallica is a well-known brand of material handling equipment that has quickly become popular in Russia and the CIS.


Robust equipment

Сarefully designed, functional and simply convenient to use range of handling equipment and attachments.


Popular items

YARD RAMP Model Standard MLC HL-B

Developed and launched into serial production in 2015, this model of ramps quickly became popular among customers. It has become much easier to perform handling operations because of the enhanced ramp working capacity up to 10-12 tons and expanded carriageway with ramp lips.

HANDLING TABLE Platform module

A module of the horizontal platform is quite versatile. It can be used as a part of a larger complex, as a separate handling board or be attached to the existing ramp. The module size can vary.

LIFTING PLATFORM With a grid and roller chain

A widely used attachment, indispensable at inventories, high-level works and just in everyday warehousing. These work platforms are often purchased for logistics parks and distribution centers of leading chain stores.


Ramp model "SKAT" in our both ranges is distinguished with an expanded horizontal part. This ramp of MP series, with a lifting capacity of 7 tons, has a platform expanded to 2.4 m, this allows the loader move to the right and to the left when allocating cargo in two rows.


The distance to the farthest ramp11 000 km
The "Metallica" reliability index according to the analytical program of the security services98%
Regions of Russia included87%