Mobile loading ramp series MLC МР, load capacity 7 t, model «Smart» МР-А, 9m

     Structurally, it is a sloping element with upper and lower movable ramp lips. The upper ramp lip is placed directly in the body of the car, and the lower one helps to control the turning angle, making it smoother. If the height of a standard container lorry is 1.2 m, the turning angle is 8°, and the corresponding slope is 14%. In the front part there are wheels of standard size 5.00х8 and a jacking system designed on the basis of known JOST jacks of German production. The safety barrier is removable for the working convenience of the ramp.

     The dock ramp "Smart" is easily moved on-site by a single forklift with load capacity of 1.5 tons, besides it does not occupy a lot of storage space thanks to a total length of 9 meters. This model is the most economical in price among both produced ranges of mobile ramps.

Working load capacity 7 tons
Maximum load capacity 9 tons
Length 9 meters
Width 2 m
Width of the ramp carriageway 1.92 meters
Folding ramps: movable upper one 1,7x0,5m
movable lower one 1,7x0,5m
The height adjustment range is 1,0 – 1,6 m
The adjusting device mechanical JOST jacking system (made in Germany)
Transport wheels pneumatic (standard), dimensions 5.00х8
Protective fencing (bump stops) 200mm, removable
The material of the frame  I-beam 30
The material of the carriageway EMS (expanded metal sheet) 510
The material of the folding lips treadplates + channel bars (GOST)

The construction quality is confirmed by ISO certificate and 36 months of warranty!

     All MLC MP Range ramps have the overall length and width. Shipment is possible in the vehicle of the customer or by a hired transport company. Our managers arrange delivery of any yard ramp directly to your site through proven logistics companies and at a good price. Delivery is carried out to all regions of Russia, CIS and Europe countries (see the geography of deliveries through the link:Link). If you are ready to provide your own transport for shipment, then the loading is done by our company and is absolutely free!

Production Time

"Smart" МР-А loading ramps 9m are put into series production, so they are always IN STOCK!


Technical data sheet
GOST Certificate (certified copy)
Instruction manual
Nameplate with identifying markings and a serial number
Certificate ISO 9001:2011, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 (certified copies)

Distinctive features

- safe removable protection fencing of 20cm
- high quality components
- movable lower ramp lip for a smooth turning angle
- takes up little space on site
- design tested by hundreds of professionals
RESULT: a ramp purchased, in addition to its practical functions, significantly reduces the labor force required for handling operations and, as a consequence, the budget.

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