Platform (cradle) for forklift MLC РП  

     Lifting platforms and telehandlers and forklifts are designed to lift the working personnel to the required height. Such baskets are very useful when carrying out repair work at height, planned inventories, for example, of goods or products. For easy implementation of tasks it is possible to equip the basket with a tool box that can be used as a stand for the tablet, laptop, book for records. And if you have a platform modified with fitted rollers, it is also easy to move inside the warehouse.

Length (across the forks) 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
Width (along the forks) 800mm 800mm 1000mm
Height 1800mm
Height of handrails (GOST) 1100mm
Protective grid No Available Available
Load Capacity 200kg
Price 16 000 roubles  22 000 roubles  25 000 roubles 

It is possible to manufacture mounting platforms for forklifts, stackers, rich-trucks according to individual sizes and in various configurations.

The construction quality is confirmed by GOST-R certificate and 12 months of warranty!

     Transportation of mounted working platforms can be carried out by any transport company of your choice. We will personally organize and order for delivery for you. For this purpose you just need to tell us:

  • suggestions for the choice of the transport company (TC)
  • "door to door" delivery or to the TC terminal in your city
  • contact details of the employee receiving the products

     Delivery is carried out in all regions of Russia and CIS countries (see the geography of deliveries through the link: Link). If you are ready to provide your own transport for shipment, then the shipment is done by our company and is absolutely free!

Production Time

Baskets of standard sizes РП-A and РП-B are in stock. The deadline for making individual baskets depends on production occupancy and is 3-5 working days on average!


Technical data sheet
GOST certificate (certified copy)
Instruction manual
Nameplate with the identifying markings and a serial number
Certificate ISO 9001:2011, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 (certified copies)

Distinctive Features

- protective fencing with a height of 1.1 m in accordance with safety requirements
- secure rear wall of 2m height
- simple and reliable front door with two deadbolts
- rear wall beveled corners for a better view
- individual calculation of passages under the forks for your equipment
- various options of platform configuration for your tasks
- safety bar around the bottom perimeter of the basket
- design tested by hundreds of professionals
RESULT: The mounted work platform provides more opportunities to use your equipment and allows you to produce those works that were previously difficult, costly in execution or completely unavailable.

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