Handling BridgeMLC УМ

     Handling bridges are widely used because of their ability to compensate for small height differences. The most common task is the need to get from the ground (zero height) the interior of the container, which forms a step of 15cm on average. In such cases, the problem can be easily solved by installing a bridge. Container bridges come in various configurations and differ by the type of equipment which will work with them (trucks or forklifts). Levelling bridges are moved quite easily by forklifts.

Bridge Dimensions 1,7х2m 2,2х2m
Load Capacity 3t 7t 3t 7t
Equipment trucks forklifts trucks forklifts
Covering corrugated «lentil»

It is possible to design and manufacture Levelling bridges for individual sizes and other parameters.

The construction quality is confirmed by GOST-R certificate!

     Transportation of MLC УМ handling bridges can be carried out by any transport company of your choice. We will personally organize and order for delivery for you. For this purpose you just need to tell us:

  • suggestions for the choice of the transport company (TC)
  • "door to door" delivery or to the TC terminal in your city
  • contact details of the employee receiving the products

     Delivery is carried out in all regions of Russia and CIS countries (see the geography of deliveries through the link: Link). If you are ready to provide your own transport for shipment, then the shipment is done by our company and is absolutely free!

Production Time

Term of manufacturing the standard size handling bridge is 5 working days on average!


Technical data sheet
GOST certificate (certified copy)
Certificate ISO 9001:2011, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 (certified copies)

Distinctive Features

- strong bridge basis made of channel bars
- movable ramps to avoid a step formation at passing
- optional: additional carriageway covering with a sheet of EMS
- provided inlet holes for the forks of the forklift
- easy to transport
- selecting configurations depending on the specific tasks and equipment
RESULT: Levelling bridges, in addition to their practical functions, significantly reduce the effort required for handling operations and, as a consequence, the budget.

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