Fork extenders for forklift MLC УВ

     If the forklift forks are short and do not allow processing long-length and even standard cargos due to specific arrangement of the handling zone, the fork extenders just solve such problems. Our extenders are made of one-piece channel bar, selected individually on the basis of forklift fork section (LxWxH) and are securely fastened using clamps.


Standard Size

Forklift Load Capacity up to 1,8t Forklift Load Capacity up to 3t
Channel Bar 14П Channel Bar 16П
1,2m 13000 15500
1,4m 13500 16000
1,6m 14000 16500
1,8 14500 17000
2m 15000 17500

All prices are valid and are for a set of fork extenders.

It is possible to manufacture fork extenders for forklifts with individual sizes and with various technologies of amplification.

The construction quality is confirmed by GOST-R certificate!

     Transportation of fork extenders can be carried out by any transport company of your choice. We will personally organize and order for delivery for you. For this purpose you just need to tell us:

  • suggestions for the choice of the transport company (TC)
  • "door to door" delivery or to the TC terminal in your city
  • contact details of the employee receiving the products

      Delivery is carried out in all regions of Russia and CIS countries (see the geography of deliveries through the link: Link). If you are ready to provide your own transport for shipment, then the shipment is done by our company and is absolutely free!

Production Time

The range of standard sizes presented in the table is IN STOCK. Term of production of individual extenders for forklifts depends on production occupancy and is 3-5 working days on average!


Technical data sheet
GOST certificate (certified copy)
Certificate ISO 9001:2011, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 (certified copies)

Distinctive Features

- rounded ends of extenders for comfortable gripping of cargos
- made of solid channel bar manufactured according to GOST
- reliable one-piece structure locked on every side
- locking system on the forks is one-piece (continuation of the channel-base) and not welded on top with metal remnants– this greatly increases the reliability
- openings on the ends to allow the use of lanyards
- double lateral weld
- standard strengthening on the fork extender base
- design tested by hundreds of professionals
RESULT: fork extenders allow handling a greater range of cargos, transporting large-sized and long-length cargo and provide the ability to produce those works that were previously difficult, costly in execution or completely unavailable.

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