Dock ramps for 15t and 50t
We have engineered and manufactured as soon as possible the racks of high working load capacity: 15t and 50t (!). Delivery region: St. Petersburg.

New ramp for rack cars
Ramp for cars unloading from two-level rail cars is manufactured and installed under the contract. Complicated lifting and lowering mechanism to the desired floor of the car is designed…

Customized lifting platform
Basket is manufactured under an individual design. It differs from the standard models by the type of locking mechanism on the door, fittings with clamps to the forklift forks…

комплекс перегрузочный, рампа мобильная без площадки, перегрузочная площадка, перегрузочный стол, погрузочный стол, модульный разгрузочный стол
Material handling complex
The company fulfilled an order for production and delivery of handling complex with working load capacity of 9 tons. This complex consists of loading platform of 11х2,4 m, which…