About HL (High Loading) ramp range, load capacity of 10-12t

Advantages of HL (High Loading) ramp range in "COBRA", a model of three-edged unloading: first of all, take a look at a lower folding lip - it is shaped as a trapezoidal for a forklift to pass more conveniently at an angle. Secondly, all inclined parts are enlarged up to 2.15 m, and the central part is specially reinforced for three-bearing forklifts, so you will not have any problems using them on our ramps. The main difference is a robust truss frame along the perimeter and inside the ramp, reinforcing this way increases the ramp working load capacity up to 10-12t, and a single one will be 15t. Finally, the top lips of all models are intentionally enlarged as well for easier entry of the forklift into the car body.

Unloading the container at the “Cobra” ramp of 3-side unloading

Mobile loading ramp of 3-side unloading produced by "Metallica", St. Petersburg. The mobile ramp in video has been properly serving our customers for more than two years. The modification of this ramp is standard for MLC MP Range, its load capacity is 7 tons. Mobile ramps of "COBRA" model are always in stock.

How the mobile ramp is moved on the territory

This video shows how the forklift moves the ramp at the production site; in this case the model is "Standard": the forks are inserted into the holes-eyelets in the bottom ramp; the folding ramp is securely fixed in a vertical position by means of strainer - lanyards.